Marin County Girl Scout Day Camp

Camp Arequipa: Girl Scout Day Camp 2024

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FEES (for one week of camp, Monday-Friday)

  • for all regular campers: $195
  • for each ANT: $195 (ANT program is offered in Sessions I, II and III only)
  • for each Program Aide: $75
  • for each Pixie/Tag: $50 (no discounts apply)
  • Junior Unit Leader (JUL) and Director-in-Training (DIT): no charge

Discounted rates:

  • FOR FULL-TIME VOLUNTEERS: First child is FREE; each additional daughter is about 50% of the full fee ($97.5 for campers & ANTS; for PAs)
  • FOR PART-TIME (3-day, on site) VOLUNTEERS: First child‘s fee is about 50%; additional daughters pay full price. (Part-time volunteers are only added if approved by the director)
There is a $25 charge for all returned checks.

Download, fill out and send a Camp Financial Aid Application form request to
Sharon Sagar (Arequipa Day Camp Administrator)
(this information will be kept confidential).

*Families may only request financial aid for ONE summer camp experience per summer so that Girl Scouts of Northern California can serve as many families as possible with available financial aid funds. (Limited to one camp per Girl Scout year Oct 1-Sept 30)

Thank you! We will notify you regarding financial aid requests before April 1. Financial aid (also known as a “campership”) is available to those girls who qualify.

If a girl is accepted into camp in the lottery, payment in full must be made by April 1. If payment is NOT received by that date, the applicant will be dropped from camp and will go on the waitlist. The $25 deposit will NOT be refunded after April 1.
If a girl does not make it into camp in the lottery and is placed on the waitlist, applicants have until April 1 to either:
  (1) REQUEST RETURN of the $25 deposit, in which case the applicant comes off the waitlist and will not attend camp; OR
  (2) STAY on the waitlist, in which case the $25 deposit becomes non-refundable, even if the applicant does not make it into camp. If your daughter does not make it off of the waitlist and into camp, your $25 will be considered a donation to Girl Scouts
There is NO REFUND for the ANT program, since most of the fee is expended on training materials.
If you need to cancel, notification must be received IN WRITING, three weeks before the start of your camp session. Fees will be refunded, except for the $25 deposit, the ANT fee and the Girl Scout registration fee, none of which are refundable after acceptance into camp.