Marin County Girl Scout Day Camp

Camp Arequipa: Girl Scout Day Camp 2024

Swimming at Arequipa

What you need to know
if you’ve been ACCEPTED into camp…

All girls who registered previously, and who haven’t already received confirmation of acceptance, will receive notifications at the end of April to let them know whether or not they have been accepted into camp. For those girls who didn’t make it into camp (we hope you will try again next year), refunds will be made as soon as possible (via PayPal or check.)
— Marin County Day Camp at Arequipa

∗ HEALTH FORM & DAY CAMP AGREEMENT: No camper will be admitted to camp under any circumstances without a Health History Form and Day Camp Agreement on file with the Registrar.

∗ IF YOUR CHILD IS UNABLE TO ATTEND CAMP: Please email us as soon as possible – and no later than 72 hours prior to camp – in order for other girls on our waiting list to be admitted.

∗ ATTENDANCE AND CAMP PHONE NUMBER: If your child becomes ill and will not be attending camp for the day, please call and leave a message before 9:30am at the camp phone number 457-5990. This number is to report absences and for emergencies ONLY.


Girls will be assigned to camp units and will remain in that unit the entire week. There are usually two adults and two girl aides assigned to each unit as well. At camp we encourage girls to meet and make new friends.

Your will receive an email approximately two weeks prior to camp indicating which unit your daughter will be assigned to, who her Unit Leaders are, and her bus stop assignment and location (including time of pick up and drop off).

Arequipa Day Camp will be providing bus transportation to all campers to and from camp. We will only release your child to the individuals you indicated at the time of registration. Any emergency last-minute changes must be provided to the camp director by 10am each morning. That person (including the parent of the child) is required to sign out your child each day as your child disembarks the bus. Parents are required to remain with their child at the designated bus stop until their child is safely on the bus and checked in. The bus will not wait for late arrivals. If your child misses the bus, you will need to drive her to Camp Arequipa or catch up to the bus at the next stop. On the reverse commute, it is critical that the designated pick up person be on time. If that person is not at the bus stop, the child will be taken to the bus checker’s home where you may pick her up. When you receive email notification with the unit assignment and Unit Leaders names, we will provide you with the bus checker’s name, address and phone number as well. For the safety of our campers, please review the following bus etiquette with your child each morning:

  • Each child must sit down in her seat. No standing or walking on the bus particularly while it is moving
  • Moderate talking and singing are permissible but no loud talking or screaming that might distract the bus driver will be allowed
  • Each bus will have an adult bus rider on board. S/he will be responsible for checking girls on and off of the bus each day. S/he is also responsible for the safety of everyone on the bus.
  • If your child is disruptive on the bus, you may be required to provide your own transportation to and from camp.

SOCKS and durable SHOES such as sneakers or hiking boots with shoelaces are necessary for camp. NO sandals, slip-ons, clogs, jellies or heels. NO “short-shorts” or halter tops or Girl Scout uniforms. CAMP T-SHIRTS will be distributed on the first day, and they are to be worn each day for identification purposes (expect to wash the t-shirt frequently or order extra shirts). SHORTS are allowed with long socks. LONG PANTS are recommended to protect campers from deer ticks and scratches on hikes. Pack a SWEATSHIRT and LONG PANTS as temperatures can change quickly. The girls do get dirty, so, no new clothes and please label everything. This dress code is for the health and safety of the campers.

Each day: Each camper needs to bring a healthy LUNCH and a DRINK; a WATER BOTTLE (recyclable!); BANDANA or HAT; BACKPACK to carry all of her things; see CLOTHING recommendations above; SWIMSUIT, TOWEL, and large closeable PLASTIC BAG for wet things.
Cookout day: Each unit will do a cookout once during the week and a notice will be sent home the night before. On that day please have your child bring a MESS KIT, non-breakable CUP & UTENSILS.
Do NOT bring: Please NO radios, iPods, electronics devices, expensive items, candy, gum or sugary snacks.

Campers should apply sunscreen before coming to camp each day and bring more with them for before and after swimming. A hat is also recommended.

If for any reason your child needs leave during the day, as for a doctor's appointment, you must send a note the previous day detailing the time you child will be leaving, who will be picking your child up, the license number and make of their vehicle. Your child must be signed out with the camp nurse. If your child returns to camp it must be before 2:30 PM so as not to interfere with the bus traffic. You will need to sign your child back in with the camp nurse. If at all possible do not schedule appointments during camp hours, as we don’t want your child to miss out on camp program.

If your camper has special needs, please let us know immediately so that we can make appropriate accommodations. If there are any food allergies that we need to know about please let us know as soon as possible and on the Health History form.

TAX ID NUMBER #94-1551410
Many parents are working parents who rely on summer camps, such as ours, during the summer to care for their children. We understand that you may be able to write off summer camp fees as child care expenses and require our tax ID number for that: #94-1551410.

Arequipa Day Camp, which has been in existence for 49 years, provides this camp experience to over 450 girls thanks to the generosity of our adult volunteers. These volunteers have taken six or more hours of training in addition to working the five days of camp. Our volunteers are very tired at the end of each day. Perhaps there is a kindness you can extend such as a thank you note from your camper, gift certificate for a massage or a manicure, car wash certificate, gift certificate for a pizza and a movie, or some other thank you gift at week’s end. This would be a wonderful way to show your appreciation to these wonderful people who are giving so much of their time and talents for your child’s enrichment and enable us to provide a great camp at a low cost to you. We look forward to meeting each of your children on the first day of camp!

Thank you!
Sharon “Roadrunner” Sagar
Arequipa Day Camp Administrator