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Camp Arequipa: Girl Scout Day Camp 2017

Swimming at Arequipa



A typical day at camp starts when the busses roll in at 9:30am and all the girls meet at the large campfire circle to sing and learn songs with the Camp Arequipa Aides. After the morning flag ceremony, which every unit has the opportunity to lead once during the week, each unit picks up their boxes and heads to their unit.

Once in the unit, campers do team building and bonding activities, participate in archery, swimming, outdoor cooking, nature activities, hiking, arts & crafts, lots of Girl Scout program, and, of course, making new friends throughout the day.

At 3pm, everyone gathers back at the fire circle for more singing and a ceremony where the flag is retired. Then everyone gets on the busses and heads home while singing all the new songs they've learned!

∗ OVERNIGHT THURSDAY (for Junior Girl Scouts and Camp Arequipa Aides only)
On Thursday, after the busses leave with the younger campers, the older girls (entering grade 5 and above) stay in camp. They get an extra swim in the pool and have dinner. Afterwards, they may do a service project or badge work, take a night hike, listen to a storyteller, sing songs, and end the evening by sleeping under the stars in the meadow.

Friday’sprogram typically has all-camp activities where the girls receive prizes for best archery shooting; the Camp Arequipa ANTs receive their certificate of completion; the Camp Arequipa Aides receive their patches, and each unit performs a presentation of some sort to the entire camp. Afterward, everyone goes home happy, but, at the same time sad, that the week at camp is over .

ACTIVITIES at Arequipa Day Camp Archery
Outdoor cooking
Nature activities
Girl Scout program
Arts & crafts
New friends & FUN! bugs

Best friends WHAT ABOUT LUNCH? Everybody brings a bag lunch each day, except for the day they do outdoor cooking.

DO I NEED A CAMP NAME? Only adults and Camp Arequipa Aides get a camp name. Girls only get their camp name after they have successfully gone through the Camp Arequipa Aide-in-Training (ANT) program.
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